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July 16, 20210

The profession of an attorney is much glamorized on screen. Quite often, it happens to watch movie scenes capturing the figure of an excellent lawyer delivering remarkable speeches. To that end, this is not the typical blog post suggesting The Devil’s Advocate. Despite that, indeed, that movie is really good.  

  1. The Reader

Kate Winslet won the ‘Best Actress’ for playing the role of Hanna Schmitzh, the ex- guard of Auschwitz having an affair with Michael, a young student who taught her how to read. Years later, they meet in a trial where Hanna receives a life sentence. However, this is not another Holocaust movie, neither a love story.

The movie urges the public to set aside morals and think like a lawyer. Societies operate by laws, regardless how narrow they might be. What in perspective is labeled as ‘fair’ or ‘wrong’ matters only if laws are made to serve the civilization. Therefore, education and literacy are the only values needed. 

2. Woman in Gold

This movie is entirely based on a true story, from the very beginning to the ruling of the Court in the end.  It starts with the persistence of a Jewish refugee, Maria Altmann, and her lawyer, Randy Schoenberg, on taking action against the Austrian government. Their lawsuit consisted of the right of Maria to recover a painting of Gustav Klimt of her aunt, which was taken before World War II by the Nazi soldiers.

Cinematography is full of warm colors. As for the plot, probably any law student will find himself taking notes on international treaties, arbitration, and inheritance rights. Most importantly will give a read to the Republic of Austria v. Altman case law, which has elaborated the concept of ‘sovereign immunity’ and retroactivity principle. 

3. Era d’ Estate

What do you do when you are out of Intellectual curiosity?

We go back to the basics! When you doubt the choice of studying law, or you run out of faith in Albania’s current justice system – take the day off to watch this movie.

Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone are undoubtedly two of the most remarkable figures of justice. Fierce and unbending to any external threat, the Italians will remind you once again that you made the right choice! Law and justice need us all.

4.  American Gangster

We will keep it short here:

  • Based on a true story.
  • Denzel Washington (the gangster) and Russell Crowe (the policeman) star in the leading roles.
  • No other movie features more professional integrity than this one! 

5. Too Big to Fail

Economic crises might be loathed, but a movie based on the 2008 mortgage industry crisis is not. Lehman Brothers was actually one of the firms so profoundly evolved in the United States’ financial system that its bankruptcy led to the extension of the Great Recession. 

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