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August 24, 20210

We honor the dream by doing the work.” 

Apparently scrolling down social media early in the morning is not that bad. You can read quotes like this, while brewing the before-work cup of coffee. 

Mondays are not that bad when you actually enjoy your job. Any person who takes pride or identifies him/herself with his/her profession can relate to this. Even if you don’t, always  remember that any pay day is a good day! 

This is not a post with hidden philosophical meaning, despite that it was driven by Viktor Frankl’s philosophy of life. His idea can be briefly described in these words:  “Life is a journey in  search of meaning. Man finds it by doing a meaningful (for him/ her) job, by loving another person, and by demonstrating will power during difficult times.”

There are two ways to answer any question: 

The first one: ask another person.

The second one: do your own research. 

We took the road less traveled to find some data and legal- information on the employment situation in Albania. 

What do we know until now?

  • The right to work is a constitutional right sanctioned in the Albanian Constitution.
  • The lack of a written contract can harm the legal interests of an employer.
  • Albania has an adequate legal framework on employment.

What else can be done?

Employment incentives programs are a combination of governmental policies and law enforcement. To that end, the Albanian Parliament approved the Law no. 15/2019 “On Employment Incentives” as a tool to support employment through professional training, and  public programs on employment and self- employment. 

The new law repealed the Law no. 7995,  dated 20.09.1995 “On Employment Incentives”, as amended.

Briefly, it provides:

  • Active and Passive policies supporting jobseekers, and the employed persons for a better working environment. 
  • Involvement of employers in regional and local structures providing qualifications programs.
  • Priority treatment for long- term jobseekers. 
  • Employment of persons from  special groups. 
  • Part of the special groups are the disadvantaged job seekers in the labor market.
  • The lawmaker requires any employer registered in the relevant structures to comply with his/ her legal obligations.
  • If not possible, the employer should pay a contribution on behalf of the Social Employment Fund in the amount of 100 percent of the national minimum wage, for each month, for each person that he/ she should have hired, according to this legal provision. 
    • A violation of this legal obligation is considered an administrative offence and is punishable by the law. 
  • The Social Employment Fund is used for financially supporting all the programs promoting employment, self-employment and job rehabilitation. 
  • Online service provided by the National Agency of Employment and Skills for a quick-search on desk for any employment opportunities.

Is this the only solution? 

Lowering the unemployment rate is a timeless challenge for any government. Approving new laws might not be the final solution, but it is a stepping stone.

Data of the first quarter of 2021 – provided by INSTAT – demonstrate that the employment rate for the population from 15 to 64 is 59.0 %. Compared to the same period in 2020, it decreased by 2.6 %. 

On the other hand, the official unemployment rate is 11.9%. It increased by 0.5 % compared to the same period in 2020.

If one honors the dream by doing the work, an employer honors the law by complying with his/ her legal obligations. 

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