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December 3, 20210

Employee conduct is important to know when you enter into an employment relationship. 

The Labor Code specifies generally what constitutes grounds for the termination of employment. However, it allows the employers to draft their own workplace rules in accordance with the law. 

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The termination of the employment contract can be done:
  • Immediately and unjustified
  • By a justified cause

The penalties that an employee faces if he terminates a contract without cause are defined in the Labor Code. An employer, on the other hand, has the right to terminate a contract if there is a justifiable reason. It is up to the court to assess whether the reason for termination is sufficiently justified. 

All serious circumstances that violate the principle of bona fide make it impossible for the employer to consider continuing the employment relationship are considered justified causes. 

Any of the following can be used as justifications:

  • Any contractual obligations are seriously (by grave fault) violated by the employee.
  • Even if the infringement is not substantial, the employer violates the contract responsibilities on a regular basis despite the written warnings of the employer. 

As a result, if your company has presented you with a workplace policy that provides justification for contract termination, pay strict attention to the rules specified to avoid contract termination. 

Here are four crucial things you can do to keep your job:

Except in the following cases, you should obey your employer’s directions and guidelines:

  • They alter the terms of the original contract.
  • They put your life and health in jeopardy.

It is critical to arrive at work on time and to be productive. You should notify your employer if you will be unable to attend work due to legitimate reasons. 

Always bring your doctor’s documents with you in case of any medical emergency.

  • Protect the interests of your employer 

You should safeguard your employer’s legitimate interests. You should not work another job that is incompatible with your employer’s interests or creates competition during the course of your employment. 

Furthermore, you should preserve essential information such as production and business activity secrets both while and after your job. 

The duty of loyalty requires you to operate in your employer’s best interests and assist him or her in avoiding competition and keeping secrets.

The breach of the confidentiality principle is deemed sufficient grounds to immediately terminate the employment contract.

  • Respect your employer and co-workers

In the workplace, it is critical to show respect to your employer and coworkers. Abuse of any kind, including physical and psychological, may result in instant termination of employment.

In addition, disobedience and failure to follow instructions may result in your employment being terminated due to insubordination. 

Communication and group work are the most crucial aspects of your job, hence be always prepared to communicate with your coworkers.

  • Read the work policy and obey to the rules

If your employer has specific standards of conduct and gives you a copy before you start work, make sure you read them thoroughly.

You should also keep in mind that any actions that aren’t included in the policy could result in the contract being terminated. Criminal offenses such as embezzlement or fraud, for example.

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