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Entrepreneurs run business  looping from ethical rules to legal requirements. We are aware that doing business requires compliance with legal, ethical and unwritten rules – followed as a internal practice among the community. These unwritten norms are fluid and often leave room for interpretation, while the law is strictly demanding. In particular, the law no....


A commercial company is composed of bodies behind which stand individuals, who may enjoy privileges based on the company’s form of organization. For example, limited liability companies are the typical form of companies, whose partners are liable based on their contribution.  However, there are situations known as ‘abuse with position’ when privileged persons may abuse...


Ideally, the market is regulated due to the harmonization of the law of supply and the law of demand. However, monopolistic structures tend (not infrequently) to affect the fair, equal and efficient market. Public-economic policies aim to lessen this absence of competition by adopting new rules, laws and bylaws. In Albania, the legislator has followed...

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