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January 24, 20220

Software is eating the world,” said Marc Andreessen in 2011. We can all confirm that, indeed, software ate the world to incubate the problems, multiply opportunities, and give back solutions.

At the end of this article, we will all agree that “Startups will take over the world.” Fasten your seatbelts please, cause this is going to be a full speed global journey. 

Startups in Albania
  • In 2022 startupers will (hopefully) have an ad hoc law to support their incentives.
  • In due time, Albania will have an appropriate legal and institutional framework for the establishment and development of Startups which bring innovation in every field for economic development.
  • Registered startups will be financially supported with budget funds in the form of grants, as well as from other sources, following a competitive and transparent selection process.
  • Free legal advice will be provided to founders via the One-Stop-Shop.
Startup: A journey around the world 
  • Venture funding will continue, but the investments will be to a smaller cash flow compared to 2021. Predictions have it to reach an amount, somewhere in the middle of $300 billion (the total sum of previous years) and $650 billion – invested last year.
  • 30 companies are expected to go public in 2022.
  • Fintech will continue to keep the throne in the digital industry. With an investment of $131 billion as received last year, predictions foresee the continuation of investments in this sector.
  • Crypto will be Crypto: industry will continue its growth in safe and lucrative grounds. 
  • Cybersecurity costs, but it’s worth it. For the cybersecurity startups in the industry: $21.8 billion was the investment in 2021 (a record on its own). Predictions have it that this year’s investment will break the record. 
  • Startups in the field of biotechnology, real estate and the ones in the longevity sector  will be the ones that will absorb the most investments in 2022.

Overall, investments will continue to flow and tech-based startups will continue to grow. This time next year, we will go back to this post to check all these predictions. If you want to join the initiative, subscribe here.   

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