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September 22, 20210

Digital Jobs Albania is a World Bank Group initiative jointly implemented by Coderstrust and EuroPartners Development, aiming to provide young Albanian women from 16 to 35 years old with more access to online work opportunities and connect them to the Global Economy.


The 3 programs included in the training consist in:

 1) Digital Marketing 

2) Graphic Design 

3) Web Development. 

 Each student will be trained on one of these specific fields of their choice by experienced Trainers in the sector. Assistance will be provided to them on a daily basis by the project facilitators while they will also receive Mentorship assistance during the course timeline on how to apply for their first online jobs and kick-start their freelance career. The whole training and mentorship program will be delivered by a mix of both English and Albanian language.


To be considered eligible for our programs you need to be:

  • An Albanian woman
  • 16 – 35 years old
  • Not currently full-time employed
  • Medium proficient in English
  • Equipped with access to a computer and stable internet


The Benefits 

Higher flexibility and independence – You can work from anywhere you want and on your own time schedule! You only need reliable access to computer and internet connection.

Freedom of clients and workload – You have the opportunity to choose the clients and projects you want to work with as well as control your workload.

Higher income opportunities – You have the opportunity to increase your earnings.

Access to Global Market – You can deliver your services not only locally or nationally but globally, which will enable you to build an international career and pay grade from the comfort of your own home!

Higher Exposure – Online freelance work offers the opportunity to work on a high variety of projects and topics, making your job less redundant and boring, which might not always be the case when working at an ‘office job’. This also provides you with more expertise in the long run in various industries and career areas which can provide you higher exposure towards future employers.


Can always be your plan B – If you decide that your main interest is working full time in an office environment, online freelance work will still be there as an option for you to acquire additional earnings whenever you feel the need or have the time. If you build a good initial portfolio of work, it will always be a good back up plan in your life!


The training will be delivered entirely online in the Coderstrust Academy Platform through a blended learning model, which combines self-paced training with online support through technical mentors, including seminars, workshops and networking sessions. The training program will include at least 160 hours for the self-paced learning part and at least 90 hours of online group classroom training.


You can get more information on the training programme here.


If you fulfil all of the criteria mentioned above, please apply by filling the form here.

Each one of the 3 tracks will have 4 starting dates of the training program (4 different groups) that will last for 12 weeks in total.

  • 1st group  – Early November to end of January
  • 2nd group – Early December to end of February
  • 3rd group – Early January to end of March
  • 4th group – Early February to end of April

Deadline for the first round: 30.09.2021

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