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August 22, 20210

Pick one day this month to calculate all the hours you spend on legal research and drafting procedures.

Now disregard it! Legit has the answer for you. The average information worker spends 11.2 hours per week dealing with creating and managing documents. For your interest, 6 of them are totally wasted. Do you feel burnout yet? Not to worry! E- tools help!

E- Documents, e-signatures and digital signatures are neither recent solutions, nor new in the legal framework (in Albanian legislation as well).

Digitalization has dimensioned the way Companies practice business. Nowadays e-tools find wide recognition by national and international laws.

Practice makes perfect, this is why the law is best purposive when applied. In a previous post you can read a very informative introduction to the most effective e- tools. Online contracts are one such.

These types of contracts are entirely drafted and concluded online:

This above list is non-exhaustive, just like the every days’ dynamism of contractual relationships.

Nevertheless, any State enjoys the right to limit in its domestic law, the e-tools that might be used in an e- contract.This practice has followed Albania for certain contracts.

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