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October 22, 20210

School of Consumer Protection and European Integration

The European Movement in Albania (EMA) in cooperation with the Academy of Political Studies (ASP) and the Alert Center announces the call for applications for participation in the School for Consumer Protection and European Integration.

The purpose of the program

The main objective of the project is to increase the capacity of Civil Society Organizations dealing with consumer protection issues and other professional groups, and to encourage the use of this expertise in close cooperation with state institutions to influence policies and decision-making processes within the process of negotiations for membership in the European Union.


The school consists of 10 training modules, which will be developed starting from November 2021. The training curriculum will address topics related to consumer protection, combining theoretical approaches with practical cases, mentoring, and will also provide exchange of experiences among professionals of the field.

The modules will be developed in 2 days (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day), structured in 6 sessions. These modules will focus on topics that combine Chapter 28 (Consumer Protection and Health) with Chapters 1, 3, 12, 11, 27, and will engage more than 40 national and international lecturers and experts involved as representatives of institutions and state agencies, business associations, consumer associations, etc.

At the end of the training cycle, participants will be provided with a certificate and will be invited to be part of the consultation roundtables and activities envisaged by the project to promote cooperation between different institutional actors and stakeholders.

Where and how will the modules be developed?

The series of Modules is planned to take place in person, in Tirana. In the event that there will be restrictions on physical participation as part of measures against the spread of Covid-19, depending on the situation, the organizers will take the necessary measures to develop the modules in hybrid format or online only.


It is intended to select about 25 participants from:

  • Civil society representatives operating at national and local level
  • Employees of state institutions and responsible ministries 
  • Business and agribusiness representatives
  • Representatives of consumers’ associations, academia, media, young professionals and activists.

Registration and participation is free.

All participants will be provided with the necessary material basis during the activity.

Criteria for Application:

  • Suitability of academic and / or professional experience with the topics of the Modules;
  • Full and correct engagement during the development of certain Modules and other activities included in the program;
  • Knowledge of English at least an intermediate level is required as the realization of the Modules will be in Albanian and English (without translation);
  • Knowledge of the European Union Acquis on Chapter 28 or other related chapters (1,3,11,12,20 etc.) will be an advantage;
  • Expressed interest and activation in issues related to areas of consumer protection will be considered as an added value.

How and when can you apply?

Apply by October 31, 2021 by filling out the Online Application Form in this link, and attach the following documents (in Albanian or English):

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Expressions of interest for participation specifying your academic or professional connection to the field.


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