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December 27, 20210

April 30, 2022 is set as the new deadline for the process of immovable property reevaluation with a 3% tax. At the end of this period the applicable tax will be 15%.

This new deadline will also do for the requests of those entities that have been submitted to the State Cadastre Agency, which have not been completed by April 30, 2022, in case the tax payment is made before July 31, 2022.




All individuals who own a registered immovable property (land and / or building), or who have acquired the ownership and registered it within this period, have the right to reevaluate this property at the market value.

Individuals can choose to do the reassessment from:

  • A licensed expert, or
  • Local offices of the State Cadastre Agency.


Reevaluation from a licensed expert


The act of reevaluation by the expert must be attached to the individual application for the immovable property evaluation.  

Then, the calculation of the taxable base and the tax for the registration of the reevaluation that the individual has to pay to register this revaluation – is done by the local office of the State Cadastre Agency, in accordance with the place of application. 

The taxable base is calculated as the difference between the value reflected in the act of expertise, and the value of the property of the registered act or the reevaluated value for which the tax has been paid.

The taxable base should not be less than the minimum fiscal prices.


Reevaluation by the State Cadastre Agency


In this case the individual should specify the request for re-evaluation by the ACA in the form attached to the re-evaluation application.

The relevant local office of the State Cadastre Agency then calculates the taxable base and the tax for the registration of reevaluation.

In this case the taxable base is calculated as the difference between the value resulting from the revaluation and the minimal fiscal prices in force.


Reevaluable immovable properties


According to the owners:

  • Owned by natural persons, and
  • Owned by legal entities.


According to the properties:

  • Assets that are in the process of registration;
  • Legalized assets;
  • Assets registered without a sale contract.

In a situation where the immovable property is registered without a sale contract, the value of registration, from the State Cadastre Agency, will be the value of the minimum fiscal prices available at the moment of registration of the act of acquisition of ownership.

In this case, the paid tax  for the  registration of this reevaluation is 3% of the taxable base.


Online Application  

The individual should pay in advance:

  • The reevaluation tax –  3% of the taxable base, and
  • The service fee.

In case the individual owns more than one immovable property and wants to do the reevaluation for each of them, the reevaluation procedure is individual for each of these properties.

In order to be provided with the official document that reflects the registration of reevaluation, the applicant should apply for the service of the equipment with a copy of the immovable property card or the certificate (for those assets that have not been subject to initial registration).

The application for services is addressed to the local office of ACA which is competent for the territory where the property is located.

The individual who applies online for the revaluation of property should fill in the relevant sections of the e-Albania platform, the identification data of the property that is required to be revalued. If he doesn’t fill in the fields that identify the property, he should upload on the platform a scanned copy of the ownership document of the property.

The applicant, who submits a request for the performance of a service by ACA, is provided with a request identification number and the Security Code, through which he can verify the status of the processing of his request. The electronic response and the requested materials by the applicant are done to the “My Documents’ ‘ file in e-Albania and by informing the applicant via email to download the electronic response.

For services for which the value of tax, tax or fine is calculated, the payable invoice will be sent by the State Cadastre Agency in the section “My documents” to the individual space on the e-Albania portal and then can be followed by the payment process. 



  1. Log in as a citizen or as a business on the portal
  2. Select the “Asset revaluation” service
  3. Click the “Use” button
  4. Fill in the electronic form with the necessary data on the property, service / services required
  5. Click the “Send” button on the last page of the form
  6. Download the payment order with which you can appear at the bank to make the payment or make the online payment through the e-Albania portal with a debit or credit card
  7. The ASHK employee processes the incoming request and, depending on the decision taken, returns a response by e-mail to the applicant, with the URL of the download of the electronic response stored in “My Documents” in e-Albania, or with the notification of the reason for the refusal.


Data from 2021

  • The Agency received 56,623 applications 
  • The reevaluation process has finished for only 58% of applications 
  • For 16,682 applications, the 3% tax was not paid
  • 3.6 billion ALL were collected


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