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September 27, 20220

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo has voted for the first time on the approval of the Law on Private International Law. The law establishes:

  • Rules for the determination of the applicable law in respect of private law relations having an international element;
  • Rules on jurisdiction of courts and other authorities of the Republic of Kosovo with respect to the said relations;
  • Rules of procedure;
  • Rules on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and of decisions of other authorities of foreign states. 

The law, which is partially in compliance with a couple of EU regulations, is of significant importance for the Republic of Kosovo because it allows for efficient civil judicial cooperation across national borders, and given the fact that a large number of Kosovo citizens live abroad, this law was crucial to incorporate a set of rules governing cross-border legal disputes between private citizens and other private entities. 


These legal disputes could range from: 


  • Which court has jurisdiction to hear a case;
  • Which country’s law should be determined to decide a legal dispute; 
  • Whether judgments made in a foreign country can be recognised and enforced in a different country; 
  • A wide range of other disputes concerning civil law.

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