VacanciesLegal Specialist at the Municipality of Gjakova

August 31, 20210

The Municipality of Gjakova announces the competition for a Legal Specialist.

Deadline for application 23.08.2021 – 06.09.2021

Job’s Description:

  • Assists the supervisor in drafting work plans for the implementation of tasks as defined based on the objectives of the unit and gives recommendations regarding the realization of the objectives of the unit;
  • Drafts and develops legislation and other legal acts, contracts, agreements in the field of activity of the directorate;
  • Conducts research and analysis related to laws and bylaws within the area of ​​responsibility of the directorate and the municipality, as well as provides recommendations, advice, instructions to the management of the directorate;
  • Complies with the laws and other bylaws of the Constitutional Framework and the legislation in force in Kosovo and the legislation of the European Union and participates in the drafting of the legislative strategy of the municipality;
  • Ensures that the content and form of draft normative acts are correct, both linguistically and technically, and are identical in the official languages;
  • Upon request and according to the highest level instructions, gives legal opinions as well as drafts draft agreements, draft decisions and other draft acts;
  • Collaborates with other units within the municipality for activities related to the field of legislation;
  • Performs other duties in accordance with laws and regulations which may reasonably be required from time to time by the supervisor.

General Admission Requirements

  • To be a citizen of the Republic of Kosovo;
  • To have full capacity to act;
  • Be fluent in one of the official languages, in accordance with the Law on Languages;
  • Be medically fit to perform the relevant task;
  • Not to be convicted by a final decision for committing a criminal offense intentionally;
  • Not to have in force a disciplinary measure for removal from a position of public official, dismissed according to this.

General formal requirements

  • University degree in Law.
  • At least 2 (two) years of work experience in the field for which the procedure for filling the vacancy is conducted.

General requirements required:

  • Full and specialized knowledge in the specific professional field;
  • High level of professional or technical knowledge of the respective field and understanding of the fields related to the tasks and responsibilities;
  • Good knowledge of research methods, which help in preparing basic or analytical reports and in making decisions;
  • Logical reasoning and analysis skills;
  • Ability to make independent professional judgments and exercise discretion over matters and to make a significant contribution to policy development and implementation;
  • Research, analytical, evaluative skills and formulation of professional recommendations and advice;
  • Communication skills and personal influence, including the ability to represent.

How to Apply:

Via the portal for electronic recruitment (

Documentation to be submitted for application:

  • Copies of diplomas issued by the relevant  educational institutions
  • Copies of proofs of employment
  • Copies of evidences of trainings

Area of ​​knowledge to be assessed:

  • Knowledge in drafting, harmonization of legislation and other legal acts;
  • Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations in the areas of municipal responsibility;
  • Skills in communication, work planning and team leadership;
  • Research, analytical, evaluative skills and formulation of professional recommendations and advice;
  • Ability to perform tasks and work under pressure;
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

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