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September 7, 20210

Probably you are a person – looking for a new job experience, or a Human Resources manager recruiting new employees. Regardless of the motive, you’re one click away from finding your next job, or posting a vacancy here at Legit. 


What are your expectations?


In a previous blog post, we have briefly talked about the importance that profession has to some people (especially to the ones who identify themselves with it). On the other hand, findings from different studies show that employees are more likely to identify themselves with companies that have a caring image. This means that companies should consider policies on social responsibility. 

Legit is a legal platform, therefore,  we want to support  your businesses’ to comply with the Albanian legal framework. 


I am already in the market. What should I do?


Never underestimate your competitor and the law “On Protection from Discrimination”




The law stipulates that discrimination – of any form – is prohibited:

  • In the moment of the announcement of vacancies
  • During the recruitment process
  • Along the employment relationship, and
  • At the request of the employer to become a member in trade unions and benefit from the facilities provided by this membership.

Therefore – as the employer – you are obliged to:

  • Apply, protect and promote the principle of equality and the prohibition of all forms of discrimination
  • Take the necessary measures for the protection of employees
  • Take – If necessary – disciplinary measures for the protection of employees
  • Respond effectively and in time to any complaint received by your employees
  • Increase awareness of this law by posting it on public spaces of the workplace
  • Ask for legal advice for a full understanding of this law. 


Which is the legal framework I should have a full understanding of?


All Albanian citizens and the foreign ones are equal before the law. Therefore no one may be unjustly discriminated against without a reasonable and objective justification.

Any form of discrimination – provided for in this Code and in special legislation on protection against discrimination – is prohibited.

  • The Law “On Protection from Discrimination”

Discrimination is defined as any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, based on: 

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Color
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Political, religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Economic, educational or social status
  • Pregnancy, parental affiliation, parental status 
  • Age or marital status
  • Place of residence
  • Health, genetic predisposition, disability
  • Belonging to a particular group, and/or
  • With any other cause

which has as its purpose, or consequence, the obstruction or making it impossible to exercise in the same way as others, the fundamental rights and freedoms recognized constitutionally,  by  the international acts ratified by the Republic of Albania, as well as by the laws in force.

On that note, always remember that you can actually help to improve the employment culture in Albania!

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