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January 12, 20220

January 14 is proclaimed as the World Logic Day by UNESCO, to raise awareness on the importance of logic – as a distinctive element of the nature of humankind, among knowledge, reason and consciousness. 

To quote Aristotle, “Logic is the instrument by means of which we come to know anything”, humankind has discovered new dimensions of living and developed (almost) every pattern of knowledge. 

Scientists have created smart and autonomous machines, the influence of which is unprecedented in every research discipline: medicine, technology, economy and law. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rooted in logical reasoning, but it’s not the only one. Schools of thoughts in the legal discipline are set up by the logical rules of the founding fathers of logic.  

Yet, the law is more than a collection of procedural acts, or rules to follow – it serves the society, as much as the logic, to the lawyers. Lawyers should have knowledge on the rules of logical reasoning to reach conventional conclusions, based on valid and concordant with facts premises. 


Do we need to study logic to master it?

It depends. We don’t want to give the lawyers’ average answer, neither intend to be pretentious, but some people are good at it by their nature, others by practice. 

However, we believe that there’s no “one size fits all” formula, hence Universities – as the main institutions who prepare the new professionals of society – should consider altering their curriculums and observe with UNESCO the importance of world logic day.

This was Legit’s way of paying attention to it. Do you have any ideas? 

Share with us in the comments down below.

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