Start Up ResourcesRed Bull Basement opens its doors to students and innovators from Kosovo

September 6, 20210

Young entrepreneurs, students, creators and innovators are the force that will drive positive change in the future.

Now, Red Bull Basement together with Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK) gives students in all fields of study an opportunity to advance the development of their innovative ideas.

The journey begins with the opening of applications for Red Bull Basement, from September 1 to October 24, 2021.

In this global program, young creators are empowered to showcase their skills and ambitions and use technology to make tomorrow’s world a better place. Students can use resources such as mentoring, workshops, collaborative events, etc. – all leading to the Grand Final, where leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries from around the world collaborate with student teams representing each of the 45 participating countries, including the Republic of Kosovo, as part of the program for the first time.

To apply for the 2021 edition, people 18+ and currently enrolled students should visit the Red Bull Basement website and upload a video that clearly and concisely explains their team idea.

The public will be able to give online shout-outs to their favorite ideas, and those calls will be part of the criteria that judges consider along with the feasibility, creativity and influence to determine national finalists.

The national teams will then have about five weeks to further develop their ideas with the help of resources including an international mentoring program before participating in a Global Final – a three-day event in Istanbul, Turkey, where the teams will ‘present their projects to a panel of experts.

Timelines, Red Bull Basement Kosovo 2021

September 1 – October 24:
The application window is open. The public in Kosovo is invited to give “shout-outs” for their favorite teams.

September 14, 17:00 – 20:00
Demo Day at Innovation Center Kosovo. Click here to register.

October 25 – November 2:
The national judges select a team to represent Kosovo in the Global Final, ending with a simultaneous announcement of all selected teams.

December 13-15:
International teams connect and present their ideas at the Global Final in Istanbul, Turkey.

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