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January 8, 20220

I have studied International law because of the everlasting development of law and justice. Before starting the academic journey, I strongly believed sapere aude should be the basic norm and fundamental principle for every student.

Of course, at the time I had little knowledge of Latin terminology, but thanks to my curiosity, I bought The Glossary of Legal Terms, from Latin to Albanian, which you can order at in the comfort of your couch (I suppose).

Afterward,  professors at the Faculty and Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania confused me with the information that actually, the latter is the basic norm and highest law of the State. In point of fact, let’s have a discussion on this, but first you have to order it here. There is also a discount as a reward for your curiosity. 

Now I am mostly engaged in research because it’s pleasant, informative and challenging. I owe it to these two books for two reasons. Firstly, because I was informed of a multi-dimensional development of justice and different applications of law. Secondly, I confirmed myself that yes, sapere aude is actually the basic norm.

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