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February 11, 20220

“The world will never be the same. I’m working on something now, something so new that people will forget I was ever associated with electricity.”

– Thomas Edison, The Current War (2017)

The world is no longer the same thanks to Thomas Edison, Aquilino Di Caro, Luigi Bezzera and other inventors, who are honored for their scientific contributions, every February 11th. To be less pragmatic: their figure has been honored every February 11 in the United States ever since 1983, when President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Thomas Edison’s birthday as “National Inventors’ Day.”

The United Nations General Assembly, 32 years later, announced February 11 as the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” to recognize and honor their contribution to the development of science.

“Let me welcome you to the reality of how things come into existence. We all contribute. That’s what invention is.”

-Thomas Edison, The Current War (2017)

Legit, this February 11th, wants to recall the importance that patentability has for inventions, their creators and the rest of humanity.


Why should you patent?


  • Promotes and secures innovation
  • Protects current and upcoming economic interests of inventors
  • Informs the public on any new invention
  • Supports technological incentives
  • Provides fair competition
  • Stimulates the enforcement of law
  • Increases productivity
  • Introduces new products and services.
Patents in Albania


In 2020, according to the latest statistical data from the General Directorate of Industrial Property (DPPI), the number of patent applications was 898, of which – 12 were applications for national patents by Albanian citizens, and 885 – international applications for protection in Albania of patents issued by the European Patent Office.

Compared to 2019 statistics, patent applications to DPPI were doubled. These data might be either interpreted as inventor’s awareness of the importance and patentability of their invention, or as an increase in the level of science and innovation in Albania. Either way, this is good news! 


How can I tell  whether my invention is eligible for a patent? 


Creation should be a product or a process, which offers a concrete solution in the field of technology, demonstrating innovation, inventiveness and usefulness for industrial application. However, some inventions may be excluded from patentability if they are against the public order or the good  morals of the state.


Did Thomas Edison ever doubt his patent registrations?


The man who gave humanity the greatest invention of all time – the light bulb, and an ad hoc day for honoring the promotion of science and patentability – registered 1,093 patents under his name.


Tina, an Albanian inventor who does not have an official day for honoring his achievements in science, knows that:


  • A patent can only be protected if it is registered.
  • The application for registration is made at the General Directorate of Industrial Property.
  • The duration of patent rights is 20 years, with the right of renewal.
  • A patent registered in Albania can enjoy international protection.
  • The patent application fee is 7,000 ALL, whereas
  • The fee for issuing a patent is 6,000 ALL.

Today, Tina honors one of the bravest Albanian women, the biologist and ichthyologist Sabiha Kasimati, who studied the fish of Albanian waters and contributed to the creation of the first museum of natural sciences in the country.

There is no silent history. However much they set it on fire, however much they crush it, however much they falsify it, the human story refuses to shut up.”

– Eduardo Galeano, Writer

There are a million ways to observe the people who have made our lives easier with their inventions, whether they have secured a patent (or not) for their creations..

This was Legit (‘s) way ! 


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