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December 29, 20210

TikTok is a relatively new platform that  was originally created to share short lip syncing and dancing videos, but now has emerged into a big entertainment platform mostly used by youngsters. Its market value has breached the value of $50 billion. Considering its simple and entertaining use, TikTok is now being utilized as a business and content creation platform.

Statistics show that TikTok is used by 18% of global internet users aged 16 to 64. Being so popular and easily accessible, TikTok has faced many challenges too. From a legal standpoint, from India’s ban to the many trials that accuse TikTok for misusing its users’ data, TikTok has turned into a controversial social network.

As many other platforms, TikTok has specific regulations about content and intellectual property policies. Speaking in terms of intellectual property, TikTok claims that they do not allow any content that infringes copyright. Their regulations about this topic include removal of content or suspension of the account. 

In reality, millions of songs are used in this platform without proper license and the real owners miss out on fair compensation. To be fair, with millions of videos it is almost impossible to double check and stop every user from downloading certain sounds but from a legal perspective many singers have their right to sue this platform.

TikTok is based on collaborations or duets between creators that use specific songs or short recorded sounds which encourages reusing other users’ content. This makes it easier to infringe copyright and create content using audio recordings or other materials as part of their videos. While becoming TikTok famous may sound cool, there are some legal risks that you should be aware of, for example a lawsuit.

This does not mean that for every song that you want to use you should get the creator’s permission first. TikTok has partnered with different record companies to make the process easier for his users. If you upload a copyrighted song not offered by the platform, a copyright notice is sent to the user and if this happens many times the account can get dismissed. 

While many artists are unaware of the usage of their content, TikTok includes legal consulting as an option before reviewing the so called infringed content. They advise contacting an attorney for any intellectual property related. 

Meanwhile we encourage you to look up any platform’s policies before using because you may risk getting legally involved in an undesired lawsuit. Speaking of which, if you need any legal advice you should check out and subscribe to Legit.

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