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August 24, 20210

It all started with a conversation of Legit’s team on french fries and potato chips. Most of legal professionals (and/ or actual students) allow themselves the competence to talk about everything. The reason is quite simple: because we like to be argumentative around  the facts, the law and the reasoning we bring to the table. 

 “If the law is in your favor, pound the law. If the facts are in your favor, pound the facts. If neither is in your favor, pound the table.” 

We don’t encourage you to pound the table. Just do some extended research. It can’t fail you! 


Is this a post on food?

It is not actually! Only that food is a very important element of the culture of each country. People take pride in their culinary traditions. Laws – especially those on Intellectual Property – provide different tools of how cultural heritage can be protected. 

On the internet, you will get lost in information and probably find 1001 recipes on how to properly cook patatoes. You will also read that:

  • The International French Fry Day is celebrated on July 13.
  •  A Belgian chef calls them “Francophone fries” – because, apparently, the original recipe was invented by Belgian soldiers during WWI. 
  • The National Day of Potato Chips is celebrated on May 14th, in the United States of America.
  • Internationally, August 24th 1853 is when for the first time in food’s history, the potato fries were sliced paper thin – over- fried to a crisp. 


Facts are to a lawyer like a well-fried-potato basket is to a chef! We take pride in the facts we check. Therefore, as a Legit reader you need to be assured that: 


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Enjoy your fries and beer – remember you are consuming history and tradition!

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