Beer Lovers Unite: Cheers to the Intellectual Property You Can Find in a Bottle!

 The first Friday in August marks the International Beer Day. Whether you like it crafted or regular, blonde or brown, stout or porter, the bottle you have in your hand is a mine of intellectual property (IP).

Enjoy this reading in less than a sip!                          

The illustrated beer is one of Belgium’s most famous. The Trappe’s taste is so unique, that people allow themselves to compare the satisfaction after one sip- with the Beatles’ music.

The intense, yet heart- warming in taste formula is protected by Trade Secret law.

  • The elegant shape

Intellectual Property laws protect the appearance of a product, legally known as Industrial Design. Other Trappist beers have other designs (different bottle’s shape and colors).

The elegant shape of the bottle is one of the elements that make the Trappe Quadrupel so unique, however it is not the only one.

La Trappe (name of the beer) is a registered mark under the Madrid System (International Trade Mark System).

Beer lovers make no mistake in identifying the strongest variety of a Trappe, nevertheless a protected trademark helps the customer to distinguish La Trappe Quadrupel (and any other item) in the market.

The Trappe Quadrupel is one of nine Trappist beers under the label of “Authentic Trappist Product” (ATP). As such, it indicates that:

–          The beer possesses the philosophy of the Trappist community.

–          It is produced in the surroundings of the abbey.

–          Monks of the abbey supervise the process of production.

–          Earnings from any sale contribute to charity works and traditions’ continuity.

Next time you order a Trappe Quadrupel, remember that you are brewing more than just a beer. The freshness of a summer night comes rich in taste and history! 

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