European Movement International: Threats and Challenges to the Rule of Law in Europe

On Wednesday, 17 November 2021, from 12:15-13:30 CET, European Movement International will host an on-line panel event to discuss Threats and Challenges to the Rule of Law in Europe.

At a time when Europe is confronted with breaches of the rule of law, its toolbox to address such challenges is being put to the test. 

Ever since the initiation of the European project, the rule of law has formed a cornerstone of European construction and is one of the founding principles of the Union. 

On several occasions, however, Member State and non-Member State governments have been undermining the rule of law in their own jurisdictions.

Both European institutions and civil society organizations play a fundamental role in the protection of the rule of law principles and their work must be safeguarded and supported in shaping Europe’s future.

By bringing together the perspectives of activists, representatives of civil society and leading political figures, panelists will share their views on the challenges and state of the rule of law in Europe and how they can foster citizen engagement and change.

The digital event is free to attend, but advanced registration via the link below is requested.

Click here to register.


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