Spaghetti with a Legit Twist

Americans have a National Day for everything.

This January 4th, we couldn’t help but celebrate with them the benchmark of an exquisite cuisine, one of the beloved dishes in the world: Spaghetti Day.

For your interest: International Pasta Day is on October 25. 

Why wait until next October to celebrate happiness on a plate? We have today!

Key takeaways
  • This is not a post on food, nor is Legit a food blog (as you already know). 
  • We give food an IP-twist.
  • This is an IP related pasta post.
Intellectual Property facts on spaghetti and other pastas
  • The long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta is the pride and joy of Italian cuisine. 
  • There is an International Pasta Organization – organized as a non-profit association dedicated to increase the consumers’ understanding of the value and benefits of pasta.
  • Italians have invented over 1,300 shapes of pasta.
  • There are over 2,000 patentable pasta-making machines.
  • Pasta’s shape can be patentable.
  • The ornamental design of pappardelle pasta is invented and patented by Mr. Aquilino Di Caro.


Previously we have legally advised you on the importance of patentability. To recap, a patent:

  • Promotes and secures innovation
  • Protects current and upcoming economic interests of inventors
  • Informs the public on any new invention
  • Supports technological incentives
  • Provides fair competition
  • Stimulates the enforcement of law
  • Increases productivity
  • Introduces new products and services.

In this post – we will celebrate today’s date with a pasta recipe using the  pappardelle type. 

We asked Rimi Pulaj – a chef de cuisine specialized in seafood dishes – to make a #legit recipe for our readers, using a patentable pasta design.

  • Pappardelle, 100gr
  • Rock shrimp, 5 pcs
  • Broccoli, 30gr
  • Garlic, 1 clove
  • White wine, 50ml
  • Nutmeg, 1gr
  • Saffron pistils, 15 pcs
  • Salt
  • Olive oil, 20ml
  • Parsley, 1 tbs

First, thaw the saffron pistils in 50ml of water. Then, on the heated pan add olive oil and one garlic clove. Wait until you smell a fried-garlic-odor,  take the clove off and add the shrimps. Fry them with the white wine. 

Meanwhile, make sure that pasta’s water is boiling and add the pappardelles.

Pour the broccoli once the wine evaporates, and stir it with pastas’ water for 2 minutes. 

Then add pasta in the pan, the saffron’s pistils, salt, nutmeg and stir until a creamy mass is formed. 

Bon appétit!

If you try this recipe, send us a photo of the dish or share it with the hashtag #legitpasta..


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